5 Badass Facts about Caffeine

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1.  On average, energy drinks have less caffeine content than coffee.  (And a lot more sugar)



Sure, you may think that because you are buying an energy drink you are buying a large amount of caffeine.  In reality, most energy drinks contain considerably less amounts of caffeine than say, black coffee.  For instance, an 8.4 ounce serving of Red Bull contains 76 to 80 mg of caffeine, whereas a black cup of coffee contains anywhere from 95 to 200 mg of caffeine, depending on the roast.  One thing energy drinks do have – a shit-load of sugar and other, as I like to call them, “what-the-fuck-ingredients”.

2. Similar to most badass discoveries, coffee’s magical powers were first discovered because of crazy dancing goats.  (I think Buttermilk ate too many berries)

According to the legend, Ethiopian goat shepherds realized that there was something in the berries that were making their goats act crazy and energized.  What they didn’t quite know yet, these berries could be roasted to make coffee.  Oh yeah, and that the actual crystalline compound acting as a stimulant to central nervous systems is most commonly referred to as, you guessed it, caffeine.

3.  All coffee grown on planet earth comes from an area called, “The Coffee Belt”. (I wonder if aliens know about coffee)

The Coffee Belt


“The Coffee Belt” consists of all of the regions in the world that have the best environmental conditions and climates needed for coffee berries to grow.

4.  The first webcam ever to be used was made for coffee. (Not porn, get your mind out of the gutter you filthy animal!)

In 1991, Cambridge University scientists set up a camera on their office coffee pot, streaming live footage directly to their computers to make sure that if the pot was empty, than they could find their coffee fix elsewhere.  The above picture is taken from that footage.

5.  If you drink caffeine (Death Before Decaf*) before you workout, it improves your performance.  (Even Dwayne Johnson does, so try to be more badass like him)

The Rock

Caffeine increases your levels of adrenaline, and helps to release fatty acids from fat tissue.  So crack open a bottle of Death Before Decaf and go run like Forrest Gump!

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